D&D 5e: Warforged Warlock Guide

A male warforged warlock conjuring a spectral snake.

D&D 5e: Warforged Warlock Guide

“There’s no way for me to improve. I’m built this way. I can’t train to get stronger, I can’t practice to get better. It’s time to call on some outside help. All it costs is my soul. Joke’s on them, I don’t have one… right?”

How to Make a Warforged Warlock

Warlocks are one of the most layered types of character you can play from the core rulebook. With the multitude of choices you will get to make, Charisma is going to be a very important Ability score to get as high as possible. Since your race will give you a starting +2 to your constitution, it could pave the way for either a close-quarters combatant or a caster with concentration spells, depending on what you would like.

If you’re looking to capitalize on this longevity, a Fiend patron would work well. A genie would also be a good choice to gain resistance to more damage types. These both make Pact of the Blade a much more viable path with Integrated Protection and a high Constitution to back you up on the front line. You could also take the Pact of the Talisman to boost your saves instead of your weapon damage. Each set makes for a very unique, almost tank build.

A male warforged warlock shrouded in shadow, holding a blood red blade.

How to Play a Warforged Warlock

Like the patrons, many of the things you can do will also depend on your Eldritch Invocations. If you want to be the high-damage, close-quarters fighter and you do take Pact of the Blade, some good choices would be Armor of Shadows for extra protection. Others that you may also find helpful are Thirsting Blade or Eldritch Smite for extra damage.

On the side of spellcasting, any upgrade you can get to your Eldritch Blast spell if you choose to take it would be very beneficial and flavorful as you can amplify damage, increase your range, or even add effects like pushing or pulling enemies around. Eldritch Mind is also a great choice in helping to maintain Concentration, getting advantage on it, which, as a Warforged, makes it very difficult to fail. At least at lower levels.

How to Roleplay as a Warforged Warlock

It’s always interesting to create a character like this because you start the game with the added dynamic of your patron. Each of those can help determine how you want to roleplay. You could be someone who made a bargain with a devil to gain power beyond your original design. A different path could have a celestial patron, making a deal to help guide you toward redemption after the wars you were built for. A genie could be holding out on that wish to be given flesh and blood, pressing you for as much as they can get before they grant it. 

You could be someone who happily obeys the wishes of their patron, feeling at home with a command structure you’ve lost without your fellow soldiers beside you. Maybe you believe you got a bargain, promising your soul, but believe you don’t have one since you’re a construct. As with your build, your backstory has a wide range of options that will all be unique to each individual.

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