The Ancestral Forge

Sneak Peak

Take a quick look at some of the items the Ancestral Forge has to offer!

A complete collection of race-based magical items not often seen in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons!

Player Tested & Approved!

We let Reddit hurt our feelings many times to guarantee that every single item in the book is good enough for the fine players at your table.

Add Depth to Storytelling

Your party comes across a trove of random items. That’s cool. But what if the treasure was ONLY dwarven items? Now you have a hook for your next quest.

Help Nerds Quit Their Jobs

Every copy sold goes to supporting the nerdy freelance writers that write Sage Gamer’s guides. The more you buy, the more we can pay them.

Stand Out as a DM

5e is several years old now, the published items are stale. Spice it up with brand new items that your players won’t use to break your game… again…

Inspires Creativity

These magical items aren’t just powerful – they’re also immersive and fun, adding a whole new layer of excitement and intrigue to your 5e campaign.

Treat Your Players

Players feel special when their character stands out from the party. We’ve found that these items are not only fun, but make your players feel special