D&D 5e: Sorcerer Class Guide

D&D 5e: Sorcerer Class Guide






Ability Scores

STR You’re a caster, STR isn’t needed.

DEX This is used for initiative and your armor class.

CON Hit points are good.

INT Not really needed.

WIS Not needed. WIS isn’t a huge priority but good to have some.

CHA Your spellcasting is based on this stat.


Aarakocra DEX boost

Aasimar Gives you boost to charisma. 

Protector WIS boost

Scourge You get a CON boost.

Fallen Nothing good for Sorcerer.

Bugbear Boost to DEX and STR.

Centaur STR and WIS boost.

Changeling You get a +2 to CHAR.

Dragonborn STR and CHAR. STR not needed but still a good option.

Dwarf CON boost +2 

Hill WIS boost. 

Mountain Nothing good for a Sorcerer.

Duergar Nothing good for a Sorcerer.

Elf DEX boost

Drow CHAR +1

Eladrin CHAR +1

High Nothing good for a Sorcerer. 

Wood WIS boost.

Sea Elf: CON +1 is always useful.

Shadar-kai: Con is good.

Firbolg WIS and STR boost.

Genasi CON boost.

Air DEX boost.

Earth Nothing good for a Sorcerer.

Fire Nothing good for a Sorcerer.

Water WIS boost.

Gith INT boost.

Githyanki Nothing good for a Sorcerer.

Githzerai WIS boost +2.

Gnome INT boost.

Deep DEX is good.

Forest DEX boost.

Rock Nothing good for Sorcerers.

Goblin CON and DEX; good combo to have.

Goliath STR and CON but I won’t recommend this race. 

Half-Elf 2 ability scores to increase by 1 and +2 to Charisma.

Half-Orc STR and CON. STR isn’t necessary. 

Halfling DEX boost.

Lightfoot CHAR +1.

Stout DEX boost

Hobgoblin CON and INT boost. Don’t need the INT for this class. CON is good though.

Human: Each ability score gets a +1. As a variant human, you get a feat.

Kalashtar WIS +2 and CHAR + 1; WIS is okay but not really necessary.

Kenku: DEX and Wisdom; WIS not necessary.

Kobold DEX and STR, STR isn’t needed.

Leonin CON and STR; CON for the hit points. STR not needed.

Lizardfolk CON and WIS; having some WIS isn’t too bad either.

Loxodon CON  and WIS; not bad to have some of both but CHAR is preferable.

Minotaur STR and CON,

Orc STR and CON, INT – 2. More STR than CON. 

Satyr: CHAR + 2 and DEX+1. Good combo to have.


Beasthide You get CON and STR. CON is good.

Longtooth Get STR and DEX. DEX is good but you don’t need STR.

Swiftstride DEX and CHAR. Good combo. 

Wildhunt You get DEX and WIS. Decent combo.

Simic Hybrid You get CON and +1 to another stat.

Tabaxi DEX and CHAR are a good combo.

Triton STR, CON, and CHAR boosts. STR isn’t needed but the other two are good to have.

Tiefling +2 to CHAR 

Asmodeus This one gets you INT and CHAR. INT not needed.

Baalzebul INT and CHAR. You don’t need INT.

Dispatcher  CHAR and DEX are a good combo to have.

Fierna CHAR and WIS; CHAR is good to have. 

Glasya CHAR and DEX boost.

Levistus CHAR and CON boost.

Mammon  INT and CHAR. 

Mephistopheles INT and CHAR

Zariel Charisma and STR though STR isn’t needed.

Feral Dexterity and INT. INT not needed.

Tortle Nothing good for a Sorcerer.

Warforged CON and you also get to increase another ability of your choice by 1.

Yuan-Ti Pureblood CHAR and INT but INT isn’t needed as a Sorcerer.

Class Features

Hit die: 1d6

Armor: none

Tools: none

Saving Throws: CON and CHAR

Weapons: daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaff, light crossbows

Level 2  you get your font of magic that gives you sorcery points. These sorcery points can be used to gain more spell slots or sacrifice spell slots to get more sorcery points. 

Level 3 you get metamagic. You can manipulate your spells with various effects and they use up your sorcery points in exchange. Some of these effects include careful spell which allow you to mold a spell around your party members. This is great when you use a fireball. Metamagics are your bread and butter.


Draconic Bloodline: you have dragon blood in your family 

Wild Magic: self-explanatory , very chaotic. Could be helpful or harmful

Divine Soul: powers from divinity 

Shadow Sorcerer: magic comes from the Shadowfell

Aberrant Mind: mind powers

Clockwork Soul: powers come from Mechanus – a realm of machinery basically

Storm Sorcerer: self-explanatory


Acrobatics DEX based, can wiggle out of situations. 

Animal Handling WIS based. 

Arcana Magic

Athletics STR based.

Deception Lying well and you can do this since it’s CHAR based.

History INT based.

Insight WIS based.

Intimidation CHAR/ STR based depending on DM.

Investigation INT based. You won’t be too bad at this.

Medicine WIS based. I’d leave it to someone who is proficient. 

Nature INT based. You won’t be too bad at this. Situational. 

Perception WIS based. Most commonly used when searching for stuff.

Performance Situational.


Religion INT based.

Sleight of Hand DEX. Rogues would normally use this more than sorcerers. 

Stealth How sneaky you can be. 

Survival Situational if you’re tracking. 

Top 3 Backgrounds

Sage You get 2 languages and some INT based skills.
Entertainer DEX based skills and disguise kit proficiency.
Folk Hero WIS based skills proficiency, proficiency in land vehicles, and a tool proficiency of your choice. 

Top 3 Weapons

You’ll use your spells for damage primarily. Good to have a light crossbow or quarterstaff for melee. 


Sorcerers don’t wear armor. They use mage armor and as a base draconic sorcerer you get 13 + DEX. 

You’ll be mostly fighting from safety. 

Top 5 Feats

Magic initiative: adds more spells to your list
Spell sniper: doubles your range
War caster: advantage on CON
Metamagic adept (TCoE) – two extra sorcery points and two metamagics
Tough: hit points are necessary 

Multiclass options

Bard option needs CHAR at 13. You basically can insult enemies and they take damage. Bards can also buff their party members and themselves. They can be melee too.

Warlock needs a CHAR of 13. This is another full caster though I wouldn’t recommend Warlock because of the limited spell slots.

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