D&D 5e: Aarakocra Rogue Guide

A male aarakocra rogue holding a shiny gold coin.

D&D 5e: Aarakocra Rogue Guide

“I’m not so great in the dark. Makes it hard to fly. But, if you’re just relying only on not being seen, then how good are you really? You need to be quick and you need to be good. To take something from someone, to cut them, whatever you do, isn’t it more satisfying to do so while they look you in the eyes and remain unaware?”

How to Make an Aarakocra Rogue

Starting Stats

Whether you roll or point buy, almost every Rogue prioritizes Dexterity above all else as it is the basis of most of their niche skills and abilities. 

It’s also the best way to raise your Armor Class since there is a limited selection of armor you’ll be able to wear, as well as the best weapons you start proficient in are usually finesse weapons. Getting a +2 from the very start will be a huge boon to your character right off the bat.

The next highest priority is dependent on what type of Rogue you want to be. Aarakocra getting a +1 to their Wisdom ability score does make for a good basis to choose a few of the subclass options. 

These would typically end up being a Scout or Inquisitive, as you would gain proficiencies and bonuses to Perception or Insight skills respectively.

There aren’t really any other racial abilities you’re going to start with, and that is because of your greatest strength. A flying speed, and a high one at that. Any rogue would love this trait as they are able to Move, Dash, and use a Bonus Action to Dash again.

A female aarakocra swashbuckler rogue with yellow feathers and a fierce rapier.

How to Play an Aarakocra Rogue

The two archetypes that have the most to gain from what an Aarakocra can offer.


While minor, with an Inquisitive being a subclass that benefits from a higher Wisdom score, this makes them able to utilize most of their abilities to a higher effect. All of their specific abilities that no other class can do tie directly into their Wisdom. T

his will increase your odds of spotting hidden things, getting your Sneak Attack damage every turn, or being able to tell when someone is trying to trick you.


A deadlier rogue, there is not. With a 50-foot flying speed, you can easily dive-bomb in like a falcon and then use your Fancy Footwork to take off again and easily get out of reach without provoking an attack of opportunity. 

Adding in Rakish Audacity, you will easily get your Sneak Attack on single targets, making you the prime character for picking off weaker targets or getting the first hits in on the villain.

How to Roleplay as an Aarakocra Rogue

Something that makes Aarakocra interesting rogues is they don’t have darkvision and they are relatively slow on the ground. When a rogue normally likes to sneak in the shadows unseen, it takes your character to a completely different type of playstyle to get the full benefits. 

Perhaps instead of the sneaking thief, they are observant, taking note of what’s happening around them. Maybe they’re more of a charming rogue that is quick and quick-witted, acting more like a hero than a hidden underdog. 

A pirate keeping watch from the crow’s nest, or an undercover investigator watching everything like a hawk, for those that like to add a bit of pun to your character. It’s a character that cannot stay in the normal realm of the stereotype and can be amazing fun.

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