D&D 5e: Half-Orc Ranger Guide

D&D 5e: Half-Orc Ranger Guide

If you’re assembling a team of adventurers for your next D&D game, you’ll never go wrong with a Ranger in it. Rangers can help increase the team’s survivability, especially in specific terrain. 

If you want to give your Ranger character a unique and badass twist, make him or her Half-Orc. Being Half-Orc can increase your Ranger’s sustainability thanks to the increased durability.

Keep reading for the guide to making and playing a Half-Orc Ranger.

The Half-Orc race can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

The Ranger class can be found in the Player’s Handbook OR an updated version can be found in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Click here to pick up your own copy of the Player’s Handbook OR click here to pick up your own copy of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything!

How to Make a Half-Orc Ranger

The first step is to roll your dice for your stats. When most people roll Rangers, they usually become archers. If you’re going to do the same thing, make Dexterity your highest stat or ability score. 

You can also take advantage of your Half-Orc’s savage attacks trait. When you do, you’d want to use melee weapons. When adapting fighting styles that use melee weapons, make Strength your highest ability score. 

Next, as a Ranger, you also get a spellcasting ability, which uses Wisdom. Thus, Wisdom must be your second-highest ability score. Unlike other classes, you learn spellcasting at level 2. 

Finally, pick a subclass between Hunter and Beast Master. Hunters are great for martial combat and are easier to use. Beast Masters get to keep an animal companion that can aid them in battle.

How to Play a Half-Orc Ranger

In combat, the Ranger’s job is to stay at the backlines and deal damage from afar. The exception is if you’re using melee weapons. If you are, close the distance between you and your foes to get right into the action. 

Use your spells to create traps or to deal damage to your enemies. Hunter’s Mark is an excellent spell that is unique to the Ranger class. Don’t be afraid to use this spell every time you enter combat, especially against powerful foes. Archers will do well with Hail of Thorns. You may also enjoy using Ensnaring Strike in battle, especially against enemy casters to lock them down, allowing your melee characters to take them out. 

Don’t forget to pick a favored enemy and favored terrain. You get a huge advantage when you’re against a favored enemy and if the battle occurs in favored terrain. 

If you fall in battle, your Orc blood can push you back up to consciousness thanks to the Relentless Endurance trait. 

How to Roleplay as a Half-Orc Ranger

Rangers are stereotypically loners, often comfortable outside of civilization. You can follow the grain or break the mold. You can also create a character that sits in the middle of “loner” and “social butterfly.”

Before you start playing, don’t forget to pick a background for your Half-Orc Ranger. This will give you some ideas on how to play your character. 

Below is a short example of a backstory.

Before becoming an adventurer, Krum was an ice cutter, often venturing deep into the snowy mountains to gather ice. He often traveled with his wolf companion, who watched his back whenever he was busy. Now, even with a crew, his wolf is still his best friend. 

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