D&D 5e: Firbolg Wizard Guide

A male divination firbolg wizard casting a spell.

D&D 5e: Firbolg Wizard Guide

“Magic is a beautiful thing, one my kind is blessed with from birth no matter what path we decide to walk. I am not content to just accept that without thought. I want to understand it, to know it and how it works. Imagine what we can accomplish with such knowledge.”

How to Make a Firbolg Wizard

Starting Stats

Wizards will find themselves wanting three main Ability scores focused on, usually starting with Intelligence for the spell attacks and DC scores. The next two are interchangeable depending on what you’re looking to do. Constitution will help maintain spells that require Concentration and increase your overall Hit Points, something most casters will be short on. Dexterity is typically the best way to protect yourself since you won’t have the benefit of armor proficiency.

Subclass Selection

There are a plethora of choices, but some choices that work well with Firbolgs would be War Magic or Illusion schools. These two subclasses gain the most benefit from your racial abilities and vice versa.

A male firbolg wizard writing a spell into his spellbook.

How to Play a Firbolg Wizard

Illusion- A nice feature given at character creation is the use of Disguise Self as a spell you can cast once per rest through Firbolg Magic. Pairing with Malleable Illusions means you can keep changing your appearance while the spell is active rather than having to recast it, keeping all of your spell slots still open.

War Magic- One thing that makes a Firbolg a bit of a unique Wizard choice is the bonus to Strength they get at creation. Being better at close quarters or with throw weapons than almost all of the other subclasses means that you can save your spells and attack with weapons. Giving yourself extra protection from Arcane Deflection or the Shield spell keeps you from going down too quickly and can be even more beneficial if you gain some feats to wear armor.

How to Roleplay as a Firbolg Wizard

No matter which subclass you choose, there are many directions to take your character. As creatures of the Fey Realm, they could be a young student, eager to learn more about the magic that is a part of them. They could also be filled with curiosity and seek out more knowledge, knowledge they couldn’t get in their normally secluded lifestyles. Your character could also be a wiser version of a wizard, experienced and enlightened, maybe a mentor or teacher to another, slow speaking and calm in any situation. Perhaps they are seeking magical knowledge to save their home and are picking up as much knowledge as they can. Whatever your choice, it’s a very interesting social and specialization combination that makes for a very compelling character.

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