D&D 5e: Halfling Druid Guide

D&D 5e: Halfling Druid Guide

Are you a lover of nature and its elements? Have you always wanted to play as an animal shapeshifter like Beast Boy from the Teen Titans? The fun thing about Druids is that you don’t only get to be animals, you also get to transform into elementals!

A Halfling Druid can make for an interesting player character. The size of Halflings is ideal for riding medium-sized animal companions. Also, the alignment and personality of Halflings are perfect for the Druid class. They’re lawful good, kind, and will not tolerate oppression. 

Below, we’ve a guide on how to roll an enjoyable Halfling Druid character. 

The Halfling race AND the Druid class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

How to Make a Halfling Druid

Whether you choose to roll your Ability scores or use the standard set, your Halfling Druid needs high Wisdom the most. Your Wisdom score will carry the weight of your spells and abilities.

Follow that up with Constitution next. Improve your battle prowess as a powerful spellcaster by jumping into the middle of a battle without fear of dying. With that said, Stout Halflings make good Druids thanks to the +1 Constitution point of the race. 

Druids belong to different Circles or organizations. The Circle of the Land is a group that focuses on molding and using the terrifying power of nature. Circle of the Moon Druids are wild guardians that are as changeable as the moon. If you subclass as a Circle of the Land Druid, you’ll gain access to spells like Stone Shape and Gaseous Form.

How to Play a Halfling Druid


The Druid class has the most extensive spell list, making it one of the most powerful classes. It makes playing a Druid character overwhelming and challenging. If you’re new to D&D, be warned.

Wild Shape is a trump move for Circle of the Moon Druids. You gain the ability to transform into an animal or elemental. Pair this ability with your spells, and you’ll be an unstoppable force of nature, literally. 

During roleplay, you can use the Druidcraft cantrip to charm or impress others. Let’s not forget that you’ve got a back-up plan in the form of your Lucky trait. Use your Halfling nimbleness to move through the space of a larger creature to reach your friends, target, or other goals. 

How to Roleplay as a Halfling Druid

The Druid class is a one-with-nature type of character. When you roleplay as a Halfling Druid, you need to have a reason to be close to nature. The best backgrounds that match this behavior are Hermit and Outlander.

Here is an example of a Halfling Druid backstory to help you get into character.

The Hin of Delmyr is a close-knit community. Yet, the timid and quiet Keshaya Lonebraid preferred to live in the woods far from their town. She has always enjoyed the company of animals most. She enjoys her role as an herb and wildflower gatherer. Although, she dislikes the part where she must go to the town to sell them. 

When the woods started whispering of doom and destruction, Keshaya sought answers. She knew she had to protect the woods that gave her sustenance and protection. And so, she packed a bag, called her raven friend to her side, and began her journey with a whispered prayer to Mielikki leaving her lips.

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