D&D 5e: Half-Orc Sorcerer Guide

D&D 5e: Half-Orc Sorcerer Guide

Sorcerers are seldom sorcerers out of choice, their powers are usually something thrust upon them by birth or circumstance. Half-orcs too might be uncomfortable with their identities, either wanting to associate more with their human or with their orcish side. While many of them are perfectly comfortable with who they are, for those who aren’t, the power of a sorcerer may seem like an unnecessary burden. One thing is certain, a sorcerer who aspires to greatness best be fearless, and few have less reason to fear than half-orcs.

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How to Make a Half-Orc Sorcerer

Sorcerers are one of 5th Edition D&D’s charisma-based spell casters, so you’ll want to make Charisma your highest stat. As a sorcerer, you only have a d6 hit die, but your race grants you Relentless Endurance to help you survive. Still, you’ll likely want to increase your dexterity and constitution to boost your armor class and health respectively. 

Your natural bonus to strength will be a nice utility, but it’s best left that way, and the remaining stats you can put where you please. I recommend wisdom though because perception is important.

When it comes to your Sorcerous Origin (subclass), the Aberrant Mind, Divine Soul, and Shadow Magic origins are all rather powerful and afford a good degree of control. 

Consider carefully what your theme should be, and how your spell choice will give you variety. As a half-orc, think which of these might make the most sense, or if you want an origin that’s more natural, consider Wild Magic or Draconic Bloodline.

How to Play a Half-Orc Sorcerer

Even with your extra strength and constitution, sorcerers are not known for their ability to take hits. In a combat situation, you want to avoid damage as much as possible while you try to set up favorable situations to use your metamagic. 

Metamagic is the art of altering your spells to better suit a situation by spending your sorcery points. Is the enemy out of your range? You can use Distant Spell to make sure your attack reaches. About to throw a fireball but worried about rolling low damage? Use Empowered Spell to ensure your spell gets the job done. Your sorcery points are precious, however, and can be used to refill spell slots. They only reset on long rests so try to use them strategically as needed.

Do not fear if you end up having to bait a big attack out of an enemy, as a half-orc, once a day you can prevent being downed and drop to 1hp instead. If you like the idea of this and have picked Shadow Magic sorcerer, then you’ll also have access to Strength of the Grave, which works in a similar manner.

How you ultimately wish to handle combat is a matter of tactics, so communicate with your party and inform them of your abilities beforehand.

How to Roleplay as a Half-Orc Sorcerer

As was said earlier, half-orcs are in an interesting position by birth, and half-orc sorcerers are even more so. Are you proud of your heritage, or do you wish you were different? How will this come across in your interactions with others, will it lead you to be easily trusting, too confident? Or will it cause you unnecessary fear? If you weren’t born a sorcerer, what sort of event was your awakening? 

This could be a very significant moment in the life of your character or something they don’t even remember. Ask your DM about how half-orc are seen in their world and decide how different/similar you want to be to the rest of your people if you grew up among them.

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