D&D 5e: Aasimar Druid Guide

D&D 5e: Aasimar Druid Guide

Given the angelic nature of the aasimar, one might be tempted to lean fully into the side of good (indeed as Scourge Aasimar are known to do) as a righteous and holy warrior of the light, or tempted to the polar opposite for the effect of having turned from such a strong force, playing a Fallen Aasimar who works on behalf of dark forces. 

It may seem odd then to play an aasimar druid, given that druids adhere most closely to balance and thus neutrality rather than any kind of black and white or good and evil. It’s worth remembering that D&D’s alignment system is in most cases just a guide and not a concrete rule of who your character is. 

They’re still free to think and act on their own terms and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything made this clear. So why not take the path less traveled, and find out what it takes to be divine neutral?

The Aasimar race can be found in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Click here to pick up your own copy of Volo’s Guide to Monsters!

The Druid class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

How to Make an Aasimar Druid

Druids prioritize wisdom as their primary stat and it would be wise to choose constitution afterward. Most classes engaged in martial combat would use dexterity or strength, but druids are easily able to use their wisdom for combat situations through their cantrips. 

Wisdom will power your spells and other class features too, and you can always shapeshift into an animal with better physical statistics than you might initially choose, so I advise prioritizing dexterity, intelligence, and charisma after wisdom and constitution (in that order), with strength at last place. 

Aasimar start with a +2 in charisma, but you can get a +1 in wisdom as well if you choose the Protector Aasimar subrace.

Druid Circles (subclasses) will determine more than how you play in combat and what powers you have, indeed they should form part of the identity of your character too. Given the dreams that aasimar have in their youth, the Circle of Dreams might be appropriate, or you could really lean into the divine protector role through the Circle of the Shepherd. Circle of the Stars or of Wildfire might also be appropriate, and all are very powerful choices. 

Choose according to the role you want your character to fill in the party, as some options are more support-oriented and others focus more on filling versatile roles.

How to Play an Aasimar Druid

Druids don’t typically fit into any one role, and as a result of their spells or circle choice, can fill one or many. A Circle of the Shepherd druid might find themselves trying to support allies through their abilities, while a Circle of the Moon druid might prioritize transforming into the most ideal creature to tear their enemies to shreds as fast as possible. Do consider your circle before choosing it, and what it’ll mean for your actions in combat.

Circle differences aside, druids are full casters with a bunch of interesting spells available, most are nature themed or revolve around controlling the battlefield. A fair amount of these are concentration-based spells, so if they’re important to you, try not to get hit after casting them.

As an aasimar druid, you might be able to use your racial abilities to either escape from enemies or dissuade them from attacking you. Remember that druids can concentrate on spells while in animal form, but cannot cast new ones, so keep that in mind as another strategy available to you.

How to Roleplay as an Aasimar Druid

I mentioned in the introduction that druids attempt to be an embodiment of balance, and while this is true, it’s also not enforced. Druids, like anyone else, can have alternative motives behind what they do, and this can especially make for good villains who see others as a threat to nature. 

How does being an aasimar affect your motives, and how did you become a druid in the first place? Do you know your aasimar patron, or have you never heard from them? If you do strive for balance, is there anyone you’re at odds with who would rather see you pick a side?

Consider the sort of person your aasimar is as a result of being a druid, and consider why they’ve chosen the adventuring life.

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