D&D 5e: Elf Bard Guide

D&D 5e: Elf Bard Guide

Are you the type of person who likes to perform? Do you enjoy making raps, stories, songs, poems, or dances on the fly? If impromptu performance is a skill of yours, then you’ll enjoy playing as a Bard.

You can even add a fantastical twist to your character by creating an Elf Bard. Being an Elf can make your character a little more whimsical or mysterious. Plus, who doesn’t want to try playing an Elf character?

The Elf race AND the Bard class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

How to Make an Elf Bard

The Bard is one of the most fun classes to play. You get to show off your creativity and skill and still deal damage or support your allies. All your key skills and spells revolve around your Charisma, so pin that as your highest ability score. Follow it up with your Dexterity ability score. 

If you want to play as a bard who creates and shares stories, undertake the College of Lore subclass. You are in the pursuit of truth and beauty. You’re the Bard who makes sarcastic and satirical pieces that poke fun at authority figures, governments, and others.

If you want to give your Elf Bard a better advantage in combat, pick the College of Valor subclass. Your weapons will sing for you instead of lutes or harmonicas. You also gain the ability to cast spells as you gracefully slice through opponents.

Any Elf subrace will suit a Bard character. An optimal background for Bard is the entertainer. Don’t hesitate to use other backgrounds that will suit your character better.

How to Play an Elf Bard

As a bard, you get the chance to cast Bardic Inspiration in and out of combat. It gives you or your allies the ability to roll a die, which differs depending on your Bard level. You can use the number from this die roll to add to an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check.

Cantrips like vicious mockery can cause psychic damage to opponents on the battlefield. Thunderwave is an excellent spell if you need to create distance. You can also heal allies on the fly with a healing word.

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How to Roleplay as an Elf Bard

When you roleplay as an Elf Bard, take it as your chance to let loose. Give it your all and use every opportunity you have to throw a lyric or a joke. Any performance can be a magical act to demoralize your enemies or empower your allies. 

Use your background and personality to weave the intricacy of your character. For example, your character, Shiva, is a High Elf undertaking the College of Lore subclass. He came from a noble background, but he’s tired of lifting his chin and looking down at others.

Instead of training to be a mage or scholar, he left his comfortable home life to pursue performance. Luckily, his noble studies gave him the chance to learn the violin. Now, he plays it like a fiddle. With it, he writes songs that jab at the luxurious lifestyles of self-important figures in nobility and the government.

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