D&D 5e: Tiefling Fighter Guide

D&D 5e: Tiefling Fighter Guide

Tieflings are some of the most beloved and popular races in D&D. Does playing as a Tiefling interest you? You can come straight from the Nine Hells Superman/Kal-El style or you can be born a normal citizen in a small minority community. Whatever backstory and personality you choose for your Tiefling character, you’ll always have a sea of options before you.

One of those options is to play as a Tiefling Fighter. This is a good choice if you want to focus more on roleplaying but want a powerful warrior character. It’s also a decent character choice if you’re starting and trying to learn the ropes of D&D. Keep reading for a guide on making and playing a Tiefling Fighter.

The Tiefling race AND the Fighter class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

How to Make a Tiefling Fighter

Step one in rolling a Tiefling Fighter is to decide your fighting style. If you want your character to be a master of melee weapons, make Strength your highest ability score. If you plan to make your character a master archer, put your highest roll under Dexterity.

Next, decide which martial archetype or subclass you’ll take once you reach level 3 as a Fighter. The subclasses listed in the Player’s Handbook are Champion, Battle Master, and Eldritch Knight.

If you want to focus your skills on combat adaptability, take the Battle Master archetype. If you want to be the type of Fighter who uses raw strength and power to gain more chances to crit, be a Champion. If you want to be a fighter playing at being a Wizard, be an Eldritch Knight.

How to Play a Tiefling Fighter

As the class’s name goes, Fighters are meant to be at the heart of the battle. All their skills and abilities are designed to make them some of the best frontline men in combat. For example, the second wind ability improves your sustainability whether you use it before, during, or after a battle.

Action surge gives you a chance to take one extra action during your turn in battle. You can use it to attack once more, run after an escaping foe, or light the fuse of the trap your crew set up earlier. Each archetype also has unique abilities that let you control the tide of battle. 

Use the Tiefling’s hellish resistance and infernal legacy traits during battle, too.

How to Roleplay as a Tiefling Fighter

Are your visions for your Tiefling Fighter’s personality and background still lacking? Take inspiration from mythology and legends. Recreate the stories of Joan of Arc, Hercules, King Arthur, or Hua Mulan for your character’s background. Remember, it doesn’t have to end the same way it did in the legends/myths.

If you want to be original, you can start by looking for an accent that matches the character’s personality. An accent is more tangible than the mere idea of a backstory. It can help you better solidify your character, even if only through voice and cadence. Plus, adopting and learning accents is a fun way to integrate your or other’s culture into the game.

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