D&D 5e: Aasimar Sorcerer Guide

D&D 5e: Aasimar Sorcerer Guide

Do you want to create a wild yet innocent-seeming character for your next D&D campaign? Are you interested in fallen angels or demi-god stereotypes? Do you also want to give your fallen angel character draconic blood? 

Whether you’re leaning more towards your character’s draconic ancestry or celestial heritage, the type of character that you want to make is an Aasimar Sorcerer. Below is a quick guide on creating and playing as an Aasimar Sorcerer.

The Sorcerer class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

The Aasimar race can be found in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Click here to pick up your own copy of Volo’s Guide to Monsters!

How to Make an Aasimar Sorcerer

Roll your die for the stats. Since you’re playing as a Sorcerer, you want Charisma to be the highest ability score and Constitution second. You should also pick one among the Aasimar subraces for your character. Each subrace has unique traits. The three subraces are:

  • Protector Aasimar
  • Scourge Aasimar
  • Fallen Aasimar

Next, pick a Sorcerer subclass or Sorcerous Origin. Your subclass will dictate how you play as a Sorcerer and where your magic comes from. In the Player’s Handbook, there are two Sorcerous Origins: Draconic Bloodline and Wild Magic.

Sorcerers that have a draconic bloodline are successors of dragons or belong to dragon lineages. If you choose this subclass, you can design your Aasimar Sorcerer to have dragon-like features, like scales and slit pupils.

The powers of Wild Magic Sorcerers are more chaotic and often come from unknown sources. Whether they were exposed to powerful crystals, earned the blessing of a powerful creature, or suffered a fluke at birth, their magic is innate.

How to Play an Aasimar Sorcerer

When your party leaps into combat, try to keep a distance between you and the frontline. Although you’re hardier than Wizards, you aren’t as tough as martial classes. 

As a Sorcerer, your bread and butter are your Font of Magic and Metamagic traits. Running out of spells? Use your Font of Magic ability to create more spell slots by converting Sorcery Points (SP). At the second level, you have 2 SP. You can also convert your spell slots into SP. Why convert your spell slots into SP? You’ll need Sorcery Points to cast Metamagic.

Here are our three top Metamagic options for combat Sorcerers:

  • Twinned Spell
  • Quickened Spell
  • Empowered Spell

And here are some key Sorcerer spells you should have in your repertoire:

  • Chromatic Orb
  • Mage Armor or Shield
  • Haste
  • Fireball
  • Dominate Person
  • Disintegrate

How to Roleplay as an Aasimar Sorcerer

You’ve got your Aasimar Sorcerer ready and fully crafted. When you created your character, chances are you already have an idea of his/her personality.

When you roleplay, you need to adopt the mindset of your character. Is your character careful with their words, brazen, quiet, or stubborn? Do your best to bring to the table those characteristics.

Since Sorcerers are charismatic, look for ways to be charismatic during roleplay. Take a page from the book of compelling characters like John Krasinski, and Frank Underwood (House of Cards).

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