D&D 5e: Warforged Wizard Guide

A female warforged wizard with her spellbook in hand casting spells.

D&D 5e: Warforged Wizard Guide

The war is over. What to do with all of this time? All you’ve known is battle, so why not expand your knowledge? There is so much to learn out there. Maybe you’ll find a new calling, a new purpose as you study, learning new skills and honing new abilities.

How to Make a Warforged Wizard

When creating your character, Intelligence is going to be the top priority for a Wizard. An argument could be made for Dexterity for protection, but it is equally compelling to take advantage of the Constitution Bonus you’ll get from your race, providing Hit Points and boosting your Concentration for your spells. All three of these are the top three ability scores you’ll want to focus on.

While there are many schools of magic to choose from, Wizards are not limited to only that school, so it will depend on how you would like to play. To maximize your high Intelligence, the bonus +1 from character creation should go there and Specialized Design will let you take another skill in that stat. Some of the types of School of Magic that reap the most benefits from this Race/Class combination are:

Abjuration- Making the typically tanky Warforged live up to the reputation with lots of Temporary Hit Points from Arcane Ward.

Bladesinging- One of the toughest and strongest close combat spellcasters with Bladesong and Song of Defense.

Transmutation- Giving Proficiency in Concentration or granting Resistance to acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage.

How to Play a Warforged Wizard

With so many choices, some of the stand out things that a Warforged will take advantage of as a Wizard is the opportunity to enhance their longevity in close quarters combat. Integrated Protection is a small bonus to armor to a class that can’t wear armor.

The Abjuration school specializes in protective magic, and if that is the subclass you decide to take, your Arcane Ward will recharge every time you use a spell from this school and you’ll be able to use these spells and your Ward to protect your party members as well.

Bladesinging in the hands of a high Intelligence and Dexterity character has arguably the best Unarmored Defense you can find. Combined with your natural, higher than most Hit Points, and the stated Integrated Protection and you have a powerful Martial Wizard. You can combine this with spells like Shadow Blade and Blade of Disaster for combat weapons better than most magic weapons you can find.

How to Roleplay as a Warforged Wizard

The backstory behind Warforged provides many opportunities for unique characters. They can be searching for knowledge beyond the battlefield, learning all they can. Others could be following in the footsteps of their creators, learning new magic of their own. Some could just be learning to try and become something other than what they are, such as someone who studies Transmutation, trying to give themselves a new flesh and blood body.

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