D&D 5e: Goliath Artificer Guide

A female goliath artificer with a toolbelt at her waist and a hammer in hand.

D&D 5e: Goliath Artificer Guide

We are the best. No warrior can match us. Those that only see brutes on the battlefield are witnessing brutal efficiency, not mindless thugs. My crafting and ingenuity amplify it tenfold. Every muscle is flexed, including the brain. I know it’s not really a muscle, but I got tired of trying to explain that to everyone.

How to Make a Goliath Artificer

Starting Stats

Most Artificers will appreciate a high Intelligence and will benefit from it for their Spells and Abilities. However, several subclasses can get away with not relying on their Intelligence and you could instead put more into Strength or Constitution, benefitting from your racial bonuses.

Alchemist is a great way to bypass the need for Intelligence, with the Experimental Elixirs boosting abilities.

Armorer and Battle Smith can make Strength and Intelligence interchangeable if you’re attacking with magic items, which are covered by Infusions.

How to Play a Goliath Artificer

With the versatility of the class, there are many ways to play your character. The unique spell list and Infusions make it so that there are no limits to how you play. Many of an Artificer’s signature abilities are utilized during downtime, with the subclasses providing the combat specific supplements, but with the right preparation, you can take on any role.

Armorer and Battle Smith

Well geared for physical combat, using your Infusions to create magic armor and weapons for yourself can make you a great front line attacker. High armor class from these and Stone’s Endurance give a much higher survivability and you can hold onto Spells like Cure Wounds and Revivify as emergency spells in case of emergency.

With the Battle Ready ability specifically from Battle Smiths, being able to use your Intelligence modifier instead of Strength or Dexterity when using Magic Weapons makes them formidable at any distance.


Enhancing healing and elemental damage better than the rest, making them ideal for those who wish to cast. They also have the abilities that benefit others the most, making them excellent support.

How to Roleplay as a Goliath Artificer

Goliaths are not typically considered for their brains and making one an Artificer can provide some unique personalities. They could be highly valued tacticians or leaders in their communities. Conversely, they could have left their home, seeking others who appreciate their skills and knowledge. You could be an old and experienced veteran, trying new ways to stay formidable in a fight, or a young adult, bright and full of ideas, wandering the world for inspiration. It even has the opportunity for many surprise encounters, allowing people to make assumptions about your character based on norms before bringing out knowledge or sophistication that catches people off guard. The element of surprise is always on your side if everyone is expecting a Barbarian when they encounter you.

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