D&D 5e: Half-Elf Artificer

D&D 5e: Half-Elf Artificer

Do you enjoy playing a Half-Elf character that is also creative, inquisitive, and powerful? Are you interested in playing a unique and flexible class that can act part-tank, part-support, and part-offense? Hold onto your armor, eldritch cannons, and steel defenders. This is the guide to making a Half-Elf Artificer. 

The Half-Elf Race can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

The Artificer class can be found in either Eberron: Rising from the Last War OR Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. Click here to pick up your copy of Eberron: Rising from the Last War OR click here to pick up your own copy of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything!

How to Make a Half-Elf Artificer

The Artificer’s greatest weapon isn’t his/her tools, spells, or abilities. It is their highly capable, inquisitive, and resourceful mind. In building your Half-Elf Artificer, you need to put your highest stats under your Intelligence ability score first. Follow this stat with your Constitution next.

When you plot your Half-Elf traits on your character sheet, use your +1 ability scores under Intelligence and Constitution. Keep in mind that your character will often be in the middle of battle. Having that extra point in Constitution can make the difference between playing a lasting legend or a short-lived blip.

As an Artificer, you can pick from three specialist subclasses when you reach the 3rd level. The Alchemist subclass leans more toward the support role. The Artillerist is the easiest and offense-focused specialty.

The Battle Smith subclass gives you a Steel Defender, which is like a Druid’s Animal Companion. Also, you can take damage for your allies, join the offense, or provide magic-infused items.  

How to Play a Half-Elf Artificer

C:\Users\Weng dec18\Downloads\ryxpg52936031.jpg
My 5e Elvin Artificer Conspiracy Theorist. Thanks to the artist, u/Domir_Moria from DnD

As we mentioned, the Artificer class is one of the most flexible. You can stand in the frontline with your Steel Defender or hurl spells and healing from the backline. Wherever you stand, you can help turn the tides of battle to your party’s favor anytime. Just make sure you’re standing where it’s combat-appropriate, like sticking to the front lines if you’re wielding a melee weapon. 

Use your subclass-specific spells with the general Artificer spells to wear down foes or invigorate allies. Some great Artificer cantrips and spells to take are:

  • Fire Bolt 
  • Absorb Elements
  • False Life
  • Magic Weapon

If you want to play your character well, you should know the importance of preparation. Abilities like Infuse Item and Magical Tinkering work best out of combat. The result of your preparedness only shows once you get entangled with hostile foes. Also, as a Half-Elf, you have protection from sleep and some advantage against charm effects.

How to Roleplay as a Half-Elf Artificer

Half-Elves are charismatic and diplomatic people. You can follow and elaborate on this stereotype or go against it. If you find it difficult to enter your character’s mindset, remember your character’s personality and backstory. They can help you step into the character’s shoes more easily.

Here’s an example of a Half-Elf Artificer backstory that you can take inspiration from.

Felicitas loves imbuing small and odd knickknacks with uncanny yet functional magic. However, there is nothing she loves more than beating her lifelong rival-frenemy, Cassandra. Felicitas longs to create beautiful and graceful artifices as Cassandra does.

However, her magic and ideas are often “wild” and “unpredictable”. To improve and better shape her craft, Felicitas decided to travel and find a mentor.

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