D&D 5e: Elf Fighter Guide

D&D 5e: Elf Fighter Guide

If you’re entirely new to Dungeons & Dragons, a good character choice is the Elf Fighter. To be specific, you’d want to be a moon elf who’s taking the Champion subclass.

Why these specifics? We’ll answer all that and more below. Keep reading to learn more about the Elf Fighter, how to make roll one, and how to roleplay as one. 

The Elf race AND the Fighter class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

How to Make an Elf Fighter

Start your Elf Fighter character by deciding his or her Martial Archetype. Choose between three Martial Archetypes: the Champion, Battle Master, and Eldritch Knight. 

The Champion is an excellent choice for first-time D&D players. Your focus is on physical damage and resilience. The Battle Master is for those who prefer to be calculative in combat. If you want to embroider magic with your fighting, the Eldritch Knight is the Archetype for you. 

If your character is going to be friendly and whimsical but cautious, become a moon Elf. Moon and sun Elves belong to the High Elf subclass. The more reclusive kind is the Wood Elf. 

On rolling stats, you can put Strength or Dexterity down as the highest ability scores. If you use melee weapons more, focus on Strength. If you want to use ranged weapons in combat, focus on Dexterity. Your second-highest score is Constitution.

If you play as an Eldritch Knight, choose Intelligence instead. If you want to be an Eldritch Knight, pick a High Elf subrace. High Elves get an extra point to their Intelligence scores. 

How to Play an Elf Fighter

The Fighter class offers the most varied types of combat moves and strategies. It’s all thanks to the class’s various Martial Archetypes, action surges, fighting styles, and other features. When you’re in combat, you’ll be a key player in destroying and defeating enemies.

Master your Archetype and be strategic with your choices. For example, as an Elf Fighter, you can use various Maneuvers to corner a target. Pushing Attack is one maneuver that lets you push a target back 15 feet. Next, you use Disarm first to force them to drop an object or weapon.

How to Roleplay as an Elf Fighter

When you’re outside of combat, it’s okay to let your fighting style reflect your character’s personality. Use your background or past as a driver of your character’s motivations.

Don’t forget to make your character more colorful and lifelike by roleplaying with an accent. For example, most Elvereth became a farmer-turned-adventurer when a young dragon attacked his farming village. It caused not only the destruction of their crops but also the death of villagers. The death toll included his mother. Now, he seeks vengeance and vows to return with the treasures amassed by s have a British accent. You can play against expectations and give your Elf character a Southern accent and a rougher personality. You can also add small ticks, like wincing an eye or scrunching your nose when in distaste.

Here’s an example of a backstory. Vathe dragon to save his town.

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