D&D 5e: Goliath Rogue Guide

A male goliath rogue wearing fine clothes and a scimitar at his waist.

D&D 5e: Goliath Rogue Guide

“I’ve got the best disguise and the best hiding spot in the entire world. Right in front of you. There’s no shadow big enough to hide the mountain, but that doesn’t mean the mountain won’t take from you. I’ll take your coin or your life with speed and precision instead of by force and intimidation. No one will see it coming.”

How to Make a Goliath Rogue

With a Rogue, you will want to start with making sure your Dexterity is high for a lot of their abilities and skills. Don’t worry if your Strength ends up higher because of your +2 bonus at character creation. 

Many weapons available to you will be finesse weapons and can use either Ability Score. Stealth and Sleight of Hand are staples for most Rogues and they will usually be the best users of these skills in a group.

The next thing to bolster will depend on what you want to use your character for. Intelligence will be good for searching rooms and areas for clues you might need Investigation checks or information about cities and the people in them with History checks. 

Charisma will be good if you get caught stealing or need to convince people to help with Deception or Persuasion checks respectively. You can round off any of the abilities you want to do the very best with the Expertise that comes with the class.

As a Goliath, it may be funny to imagine your character as stealthy, especially considering your size and if that doesn’t fit with what you see for your character, there are some great subclass options still. 

Getting a starting bonus to Constitution and Stone’s Endurance will make you a surprisingly good front-line fighter with some teammates and abilities making sure you still get those Sneak Attacks in for damage.

A female goliath rogue weilding two daggers and wearing only a tabard.

How to Play a Goliath Rogue


A great thing that most classes would be jealous of is never being unarmed. Psychic Blades lets you create blades for yourself at the cost of Psionic Energy Dice that you get once you take the subclass. These dice not only summon weapons but have other utility like speaking to party members telepathically, teleporting and even helping ensure you land your hits with Soul Blades.


These duelists want nothing more than to get into close combat. Rakish Audacity and Fancy Footwork will get you in to deal massive damage while making you incredibly hard to hit. 

Even if the enemies do manage to hit you, Stone’s Endurance or Uncanny Dodge will reduce that damage, with the racial ability having the chance to negate it all if the amount is low enough.

How to Roleplay as a Goliath Rogue

A typical goliath will often be seen as a hulking brute. You could end up playing your own as one that was smaller or thinner than most, leading to a departure from your clan. 

Perhaps another way to go about it might be that you’re sporting an injury that made you have to change tactics and forced you to switch to speed rather than power. Finesse and Goliath do not often go hand in hand so enjoy breaking the mold and causing a new kind of havoc.

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