D&D 5e: Firbolg Blood Hunter Guide

A male firbolg blood hunter carrying a red pommeled sword on his back.

D&D 5e: Firbolg Blood Hunter Guide

Firbolgs are, at least in 5th edition, friendly-looking fey-aligned half-giants who defend the forest and live in harmony with nature and each other in their isolated communities. And for some godforsaken reason, your firbolg has decided to take up the blood hunter class, the most popular unofficial edgy 5e class out there.

As weird as the mix is, it kind of works: the statistics of a firbolg mix fine with what the blood hunter offers, and certain choices can lead to a pretty good character overall.

A bare chested firbolg blood hunter rests his axe on his shoulder.

How to Make a Firbolg Blood Hunter

A melee blood hunter wants to prioritize strength first, while a ranged one wants to prioritize dexterity first. Regardless, you will want to then pick wisdom as your hemocraft modifier (the class lets you pick between it and intelligence, and of the two, wisdom is more useful for saving throws and skills), then prioritize wisdom, then constitution.

If you’re a melee blood hunter, you still want a non-terrible dexterity for good armor class and initiative, because the class does not give you heavy armor proficiency. Multiclass for it if you like, but this guide will assume a normal straight-classed blood hunter who prioritizes melee.

Blood Curses are all kind of underwhelming, so pick whatever you like: Blood Curse of the Eyeless is probably the best one, since it’s okay for defense and doesn’t cost your bonus action.

Order of the Lycan is going to be your subclass of choice: it’s a subclass that comes with solid defensive, offensive, and utility boosts, and it’s the most nature themed of the four subclasses available.

How to Play a Firbolg Blood Hunter

Try to activate your Hybrid Transformation out of combat: this saves you a bonus action on round 1, and you have multiple features that use a bonus action already. Then, activate your Crimson Rite on your weapon of choice, and go nuts.

You will need to decide whether it’s worth using unarmed strikes when the delicious Great Weapon Master feat exists and is ineligible for use with your unarmed strikes: weigh the upsides and downsides carefully.

Firbolgs have Hidden Step, a feature that lets you become invisible as a bonus action until the start of your next turn. Use it mostly as a bonus action disengage + dodge action combo, this is usually better than using it to get advantage on a single attack.

Beware your Bloodlust feature: position yourself so you are closer to your enemies than to your allies, and if needed, end your Hybrid Transformation as a bonus action to prevent unnecessary attacks against allies.

How to Roleplay as a Firbolg Blood Hunter

You are a member of a species of forest guardians who can talk to animals and turn invisible and disguise as other people, and also you are a werewolf with who knows what in your blood giving you the ability to imbue your attacks with lightning and curse people. Put simply, people are likely to think you’re a bit of a weirdo, so it’s up to you how much you want to lean into that. You can be a normal firbolg warrior who made a few odd decisions for combat prowess, or just be a total comedy edge lord.

One major backstory decision comes in the form of the Hunter’s Bane, a special ritual performed on you that is the source of your blood hunter powers. Who did it to you, when, and why? Is it something your community approves of? If not, that’s a great excuse to go adventuring.

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