D&D 5e: Warforged Sorcerer Guide

A cloacked warforged sorcerer preparing to cast an arcane spell.

D&D 5e: Warforged Sorcerer Guide

“What is happening to me? Where did these powers come from? How could I have a bloodline when I don’t even bleed? What was done to create me?”

How to Make a Warforged Sorcerer

Starting Stats

There are usually three Ability Scores that matter the most for any caster, those being the Stat associated with your spellcasting, in this case, Charisma, followed by Dexterity and Constitution.

Utilizing your racial bonuses, you will automatically get a +2 to your Constitution and a +1 to any other score of your choice, which easily fits into one of those slots.

When making a Warforged into a Sorcerer, Dexterity can typically be the third priority due to the benefit of Integrated Protection giving an automatic +1 to Armor Class. Survivability is a benefit you will typically have over other races of the same class.

How to Play a Warforged Sorcerer

Class Options

Draconic Bloodline is a good option if you wish to maximize your Armor Class bonus and Hit Points. Draconic Resilience boosts both, granting an impressive amount of longevity for a spellcaster. The bonus to elemental spells that accompany this subclass at later levels is great as well, especially combined with some of the spells listed below.

Shadow Magic is another Sorcerer type that is hard to kill due to Strength of the Grave. Another benefit from this particular subclass is Eyes of the Dark allowing you to see through Darkness, even when magically created. Combined with Sentry’s Rest, which already shortens your Long Rest for your spells, you can also keep watch at night without losing visual sight or sleep.

Spell Options

With either of these resilient subclasses, with the right spells, you could try and be more of a front line fighter, or at least a mid ranged one that can easily jump into the fray if necessary. Booming Blade is a good cantrip to take for such plans, and at higher levels there is Alter Self, giving yourself Natural Weapons as an option. There is also Agnazzar’s Scorcher that can let you cut across the battlefield and rescue a fallen friend and injure your enemies on the way.

How to Roleplay as a Warforged Sorcerer

Warforged Sorcerer is an interesting concept as it often implies something inherited from an ancestor when your magic manifests, which you really wouldn’t have. This doesn’t close the door to the possibility though. Perhaps the magic that helped activate you in the first place was part of a dragon heart for Draconic Bloodline or a unicorn horn for Wild Magic. As a warforged, you could have been around a lot of death from the war that was waged and the Shadowfell seeped into your frame, granting powers of Shadow Magic. There is the obvious choice of Clockwork Soul, being mechanical yourself, which is why some of these other options could be more fun to explore.

These powers would be just as new and confusing to any of your companions and be a great driving force to discover more about yourself and your creation.

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