D&D 5e: Warforged Blood Hunter Guide

A female warforged blood hunter with a dagger in hand.

D&D 5e: Warforged Blood Hunter Guide

The very concept of a warforged blood hunter shattered my mind as soon as I realized it was possible. Blood Hunters are a class that heavily relies on the usage of the character’s own blood for various things, and Warforged are artificial golem people made from stone, metal, and wood; they don’t have blood! How does any of this work?

Whether their features are fueled by their innate life force or maybe tree sap that flows through their wooden bits, playing a warforged blood hunter is certainly going to be an experience. Notably, warforged are an Eberron-specific race, but tables that use the blood hunter probably don’t care too much about setting limitations.

How to Make a Warforged Blood Hunter

While you’re doing strange things like playing a warforged blood hunter, you might as well also become a werewolf. Don’t ask me how. Order of the Lycan is probably your subclass of choice.

You can prioritize either strength or dexterity as your highest ability score; go strength for melee, and dexterity if you want to use ranged weapons while also having the option to run in and use your finesse unarmed strikes.

If you want to just use the unarmed strikes granted by your Hybrid Transformation and ignore weapons while transformed, remember that you can use a shield and still make the bonus action unarmed strike. Talk to your dungeon master about the Dueling fighting style; they may let you apply it to your unarmed strikes from this subclass, which may or may not have been the intent of the feature; it’s unclear.

Don’t forget your +1 bonus to AC, both from being a warforged and from your Hybrid Transformation (but only if you’re not using heavy armor).

A warforged blood hunter weilding two sickles.

How to Play a Warforged Blood Hunter

Ideally, you’ll want to use Hybrid Transformation before combat, since it lasts for an hour, and it lets you use Crimson Rite on round one. Always try to have your Hybrid Transformation available and take a short rest to regain it when needed. Still, always have backup weapons for if you’re caught without any uses remaining.

The Bloodlust saving throw might not always be a big problem, but it can lead to disaster. Resilient (Wisdom) can mitigate the saving throw, but until then, try to keep yourself closer to your enemies than your allies.

How to Roleplay as a Warforged Blood Hunter

It’s unlikely that you’re adhering to blood hunter lore or Eberron lore too closely if you’re mixing the two to create an abomination of a character, but there is still roleplay potential to be extracted from the character concept.

As a werewolf robot with blood magic, most people will think you’re weird; you can either lean into this or try and defy it by acting normal.

For backstory, I honestly have no idea. Maybe you’re a robot built by blood hunters, which explains why you have blood powers. Something like the robots from the game Ultrakill could work; robots in that game are all powered by human blood, though I can’t think of any that are also werewolves.

You can make both a comedic and a serious character with this class/race combo; go nuts with your character concept, and talk to your dungeon master and fellow players about what kind of character tone might be most appropriate for the campaign.

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