D&D 5e: Human Blood Hunter

D&D 5e: Human Blood Hunter

Do you enjoy ghost hunter and vampire hunter stories? Do you enjoy consuming literature or other media about werewolves? If you do, we’ve got amazing news for you. Did you know that you could incorporate those ideas into your next D&D character? 

The key is to roll a Blood Hunter! Keep reading below for a guide on how to create a Human Blood Hunter

The Human Race can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook

The Blood Hunter class is found in the Dungeon Master’s Guild. Click here to pick up your own copy of the Blood Hunter Class!

How to Make a Human Blood Hunter

The first step: choose your weapon! 

When you roll your die, the highest score should go to your Dexterity or Strength. If you’ll equip your Blood Hunter with melee weapons, pick Strength. Make Dexterity the highest score if you’ll use the archery fighting style or finesse weapons. 

The second step: choose your forte! 

Do you want to deal out potent blood curses? Or do you prefer having extra hit points so you can keep using your crimson rite or amplify your blood curses? If you want potent blood curses, make Intelligence your second-highest ability score. If you want the latter, choose Constitution instead.

The Variant Human is a great race for a Blood Hunter character. You won’t get +1s on all your ability scores anymore. Instead, you can choose two ability scores to which you’ll add +2 to each one. You also get to pick a feat. Some great feats for Blood Hunters are Lucky, Sentinel, and Great Weapons Master.

Step three: choose your subclass!

Since Blood Hunter subclasses tie closely with the way you function in combat, we’ll discuss them below.

How to Play a Human Blood Hunter

Blood Hunters have the crimson rite ability. For a few of your hit points, you get to invoke a right of hemocraft within your weapon. You can choose from a variety of primal and esoteric rites. It may hurt you first, but it’ll hurt your opponents more. You also have the blood maledict ability, which lets you weave blood curses. 

Depending on the Blood Hunter subclass that you take, you can become a werewolf, spellcaster, mutant, or ghost executioner. The four Blood Hunter subclasses you can choose from are the:

  • Order of the Ghostslayer, where you’re extra efficient at slaying the undead
  • Order of the Profane Soul, where you get a patron
  • Order of the Lycan, where you can turn into a werewolf
  • Order of the Mutant, where you power up physically

While all are good choices, it’ll be a good idea to avoid taking the Order of the Mutant for now. It’s the weakest of the Orders and may get better tweaks later on.

How to Roleplay as a Human Blood Hunter

Nobody treads the path of a Blood Hunter without grave reason. Think about this when you create your character’s backstory. What made you take up and endure the demanding lifestyle of the Blood Hunter?

Using an accent may help you get into character more easily. Adopt a rough, severe, and gritty voice to match your aesthetic. You can also take inspiration from the Witcher and Van Helsing.

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