D&D 5e: Halfling Barbarian Guide

D&D 5e: Halfling Barbarian Guide

The Barbarian class is one of the most physically powerful classes in D&D. The Halfling race is great if you want to challenge yourself with the disadvantage of being smaller. Bring the two together, and you have what seems like a mismatch of expectations.

Below, we’ve got a guide on how you can marry these two character aspects together for the most fun in D&D sessions. 

The Halfling race AND the Barbarian class can be found in the Player’s Handbook. Click here to pick up your own copy of The Player’s Handbook!

How to Make a Halfling Barbarian

Once you’ve decided that you want to try playing as a short being of fury, the first step is to determine your subrace. In the Player’s Handbook, there are Lightfoot and Stout Halfling subraces. The best subrace to pick is the Stout Halfling, which adds 1 to your Constitution. You also get the Stout Resilience trait, which gives you resistance to poison damage and advantage on saving throws against poison.

You’ve got your smaller-than-average character ready. The next step is to decide what Barbarian subclass you want your PC to take. The Player’s Handbook gives you two choices: Path of the Berserker and Path of the Totem Warrior.

Finding the best subclass for your PC depends on your goal. If you want to focus on doing as much damage as possible, pick the Path of the Berserker. If you want to be more creative with your role in and out of battle, follow the Path of the Totem Warrior.

When you roll your character stats, place the highest roll under Strength. Put your second-highest under Constitution. Halflings are friendly and often peaceful peoples. If you want to stay true to the spirit of the Halfling race, use the third-highest number as Wisdom or Charisma. 

How to Play a Halfling Barbarian

When you play, focus your strengths literally on your Strength-based abilities. Use your high Strength and advantage on Strength-based rolls in and out of battle. Your Constitution will also play a role in your Unarmored Defense feature.

When people say Barbarians, you’d likely think of two-handed swords, axes, and other weapons. The drawback of playing as a Halfling is you suffer from using such large weapons. Instead of using heavy weapons, focus on collecting versatile weapons instead.

Also, the fun in playing a Halfling Barbarian lies in letting your Rage drive you forward. The state of mind you enter when you Rage will act as both your armor and weapon. Use Rage often and smartly. The number of Rages will increase as you level up, so you can be less frugal with Rage later.

How to Roleplay as a Halfling Barbarian


When you roleplay a Halfling Barbarian, be aware of your size and racial limits, but don’t focus on them. The Barbarian class is unusual for Halflings, especially considering the size disadvantage. Yet, don’t let that stop you from creating an extraordinarily strong Halfling Barbarian with an indomitable will.

For example, Vela is a daddy’s girl who often receives actual weapons, scales, dragon teeth, and such. These are gifts from her father, who is out on his adventures. She is inspired by his letters that often prod if she’s killed her first kobold yet and similar questions. When a messenger arrived, Vela decided she’ll deliver the important message herself.

Give her a loud personality that turns quiet and eerily calm when she enters Rage. Are you stuck on deciding the accent of your Halfling Barbarian? Our example Halfling Barbarian, Vela, speaks with a bold Southern accent, but feel free to use any accent that’ll fit your character’s backstory.

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