D&D 5e: Goliath Bard Guide

A female bard playing her lute.

D&D 5e: Goliath Bard Guide

“Battle. What better music is there? What better stage could you find than a battlefield? This is the place where the blade and shield create a perfect melody and legends are born. The epics created on the battlefield are better than anything that could ever be written and I will be there to witness and partake in them.”

How to Make a Goliath Bard

Starting Stats

The ability score you’ll want to make sure is your highest is going to be your Charisma. It relates the most to your class’ unique abilities like your Bardic Inspiration as well as making your spells more powerful or difficult to resist.

Your next Ability Score depends on what type of character you’d like to play from there. Dexterity is usually a good defensive choice as well as for using finesse weapons. Constitution will help you maintain Concentration on your spells as well as give you higher Hit Points. With that in mind, you can take advantage of your racial boost to Constitution and your Stone’s Endurance for your defense rather than Dexterity.


As a race, goliaths are built for close-quarters combat and thankfully there are two Bardic Colleges that will help you do just that. College of Valor gives you access to proficiency with all weapons, which will take full advantage of the Strength bonus. College of Swords only adds proficiency with a scimitar, but you can use your Bardic Inspiration on yourself to perform a Blade Flourish for extra damage, armor, and effects. Both will also give you access to medium armor and a second attack.

A male goliath bard, beating a set of war drums.

How to Play a Goliath Bard

College of Valor

While many Bard spells must be used in place of an attack, this particular College is more of a support role, but one that works very well for a fight. Giving your team the ability to increase their Armor Class or Damage, along with being able to use any weapon and better armor and shields makes you someone for your party to gather around. Magical Secrets will give you access to the entire list of spells, so you can fill your list with a wide range for any situation. At higher levels, you’ll be able to both cast and attack with Battle Magic.

College of Swords

With your natural toughness and your Flourishes, you can accomplish great feats in combat. By gaining a Fighting Style and extra attacks, your Strength score can be fully utilized. This is also helped by the added effects of the Flourishes and the armor and shield options available to you. You can easily be at the front lines while holding onto your spells as backup and support when the situation calls for it.

How to Roleplay as a Goliath Bard

Goliaths are normally notorious for their love of battle and what better way to get people pumped up for a fight than to be a bard? Someone who tells stories or reenacts famous battles on a stage or one who writes ballads and songs about legendary heroes. Your character could strive to be like these people or maybe they were there in person, getting a first hand experience. Or maybe you’re more of a lover of peace, trying to shy away from the traditions of your people and trying to create something rather than destroy it.

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