The Crystal Clear Item Guide for Pokeball Masters

The Crystal Clear Item Guide for Pokeball Masters

This guide is gonna cover the various ways you can reliably get pokeballs of every stripe. It’ll even cover where you can get the coveted Master Balls. I’m sure most of you are here to learn how to optimize your Master Ball acquisition, though.

Most of your common Pokeballs are bought at the marts. These are based on your badge tiers and exclude the marts that have held items, Pewter and Azalea. Also, keep in mind, the Trainer’s Market floors of the Dept. Store do scale, too, just like the normal marts. The only balls you will find in these stores are the Pokeballs, from the get-go, Great Balls, at two badges, and Ultra Balls, at six badges.

Kurt, the pokeball vendor in Azalea.

If you wish to have other balls, like Love Balls or Level Balls, you can visit Kurt in Azalea. There is a man in a hat that sells all available balls, except the Master Balls. He is a great resource if you need to get those Levels Balls for your Catch ’em all run. Kurt, just like in vanilla Pokemon Crystal, can turn apricorns into balls, as well. And if you wanna know what apricorn turns into what ball, those resources are plentiful online and the trees are the same.

Pokemon trainer with his porygon in the pokemall

For Master Balls, unlike in other Pokemon Games and Romhacks, Master Balls are actually renewable. There are a couple ways you can get them, both are pretty easy and simple. Your simplest method is to grind for money at gyms and buy them from the guy in Mahogany Bazaar on Friday nights, which costs you 150,000. The next method can be a touch more involved, since Master Balls are a Game Corner prize in Goldenrod, which remains the same price as the sketchy Bazaar guy. You could grind for money and buy coins, and Crystal Clear has a cool new system for coin buying that lets you buy the maximum you can buy (thanks to yours truly and hours of coin grinding). This will allow you to “purchase” them without needing to switch days. Your other grinding method is Voltrob Flip, this is a game introduced during Heartgold and Soulsilver to take care of the gambling “issue” that has plagued pokemon for years. It got ported into the gameboy games by awesome romhackers and presents a cheaper, low-risk way to grind for coins. You can combine this with save state scumming and get yourself coins really fast. And viola, you can get tons of Master Balls for acquiring those hard to find pokemon.

For anything else or more of this info, you can check the documentation and then join the discord to share your successes or adventures.


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