Pokemon Prism’s Guardians

Pokemon Prism’s Guardians

Welcome to an introduction to the Naljo Guardians or the Naljo Legendaries. This will give you an overview of each and a quick guide on finding them. This that out of the way, onto the first one.


Fambaco, one of the Pokemon Prism guardians.

Fambaco is one of the Guardians of Naljo in Pokemon Prism. Fambaco will be found on Route 82 hanging out. You have to release him from Saxifrage Prison first. It happens as you open up pokemon cages in the Basement floor.

Each of the guardians have a pokedex entry. Fambaco’s is this, “A highly skilled martial artist. Its duty is to keep peace while protecting Naljo from threats.” Fambaco is listed as the Jiu-Jitsu pokemon.


Libabeel, one of the Pokemon Prism guardians.

Libabeel is another such Guardian. Libabeel is just in Acqua Mines, the catch is you have to enter during a Medium Tide. Libabeel with be more toward the North, can’t miss the strange stationary pokemon hanging out.

The pokedex entry has this to say, “A fierce and powerful Naljo Guardian. Its blood is a deadly poison for other beings.” He is listed as the Needle pokemon.


Raiwato, one of the Pokemon Prism guardians.

Raiwato is a more elusive Naljo Guardian. He is hanging out in a part of the Roof of the Naljo Ruins where you’ll need a Grappling Hook. He is just hanging out, but a Grappling Hook can be interesting to get, being that you need to craft it. You can get a Bingo Card in Phlox Town’s Bingo Hall, to the East of the Pokemon Center. The Bingo Card that gives you the Hook is the Second one, so go through and complete everything to get it.

Raiwato’s an entry that reads, “Uses magnetism to float and watch over Naljo. Its shell surface resembles lightning struck sand.” Raiwato is the Fulgurite Pokemon.


Varaneous, one of the Pokemon Prism guardians.

Varaneous is our final one and is more involved in the story than the rest. He lives as a roamer once you complete enough of the story. He’ll be released into Routes 69 to 79, 81, 82, and 85. Good luck finding him, you should be able to use the pokedex to locate his current position.

To take a final line from the pokedex. “Very protective of Naljo. It does anything necessary to prevent outsiders from entering Naljo.” Varaneous is the Monitor pokemon, very watchful.

For anything else, the documents have your back. It is full of a bunch of info and tools you can use for your adventure.


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