Pokemon Brown: The Johto Story and Sites

Pokemon Brown: The Johto Story and Sites

Pokemon Brown takes place in Rijon for the most part. You do have a part where you need to go to Johto, to the north, for a badge. You will notice that you can only access a small portion of Johto, though. In Prism and Rijon Adventures more is accessible. The portions of Johto you can access has made an almost full recovery in Rijon Adventures. Pokemon Prism still has some things left to clean up.

Ilex Forest

Pokemon trainer exploring Ilex Forest.

You’ll notice first off that Johto was recently ravaged by an Earthquake. As you talk to NPCs they have various reactions to the disaster, ranging from fear to relief that their family is okay. The daycare south of Goldenrod was hit fairly hard. It wasn’t as noticable as you went through Ilex forest. Route 34 does hold some goodies for you, though. This isn’t Rijon Adventures, but in that there would be a bit more to find in the grass.

Goldenrod City

The daycare in Goldenrod city is blocked.

Goldenrod is completely blocked off, but you can still roam around the grass to the South. Azalea is still mostly intact. Bugsy is off well enough to hand you a badge, too. I can’t say the same for Kurt’s house, though. Don’t expect to try to get some pokeballs in this run here, especially with the mart being blocked off. The pokecenter is still open enough to heal your pokemon.

Heading to Slowpoke Well shows that you can still get inside it. You can wander around and find wild pokemon inside and some slight damage. Have fun finding the few pokemon in there.

I know some people get interested in the lore of their games. The information out there is sparce in this region for Pokemon Brown, but it was fun to see a devamp of sorts for Johto. Hopefully you guys found some stuff in these areas that helped you fill that pokedex up, too.


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