Pokemon Brown: Post-Game Legendaries

Pokemon Brown: Post-Game Legendaries

So, this is merely a guide to help you with the Legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon Brown. With Brown Version, it gives you a options of which pokemon, so you can’t get them all without trades. You get a choice of a Beast or a Bird, Ho-oh or Lugia, and finally, Mew or Mewtwo.

Zapdos or Raikou

The power plant where Zapdos and Raikou are found.

These two are found in the Power plant. You can find the location of it on the map, it is a waypoint. Once you get there, it’ll be pretty obvious you’re there, not only by the assault of electric pokemon. Once you get to the back of the Building it’ll be in an open spot ready for you to talk to.

Moltres or Entei

Cave near Route 52 where Moltres and Entei are found.

These two are in the Cave on Route 52. This cave is north of Seashore City, your hometown. You need a pokemon with cut to get there and surf. In this cave right as you enter, you can see your target pokemon, but you need to do a too-big-and-long boulder puzzle with a single boulder. Once you get through the wall that that boulder clears, that ladder takes you right to them. And then just push that boulder out to get out.

Articuno or Suicune

These two are found in Mt. Boulder. Enter the cave through Eagulou City, it’s the cave entrance right there as you fly into town. Head over to the ladder to the west, you’ll need surf and strength. On the next floor as you walk around in the immediate floor area, you’ll see your target. Once you navigate a maze, there’ll be a sign congratulating you, surf over and take you prize.

Mew or Mewtwo

Secret cave where Mew and Mewtwo are located.

These two are in Secret Cave. You need to enter Eagulou Park for this one, it is hidden under the park (this video might help). If you are willing to spend the money to find it, congrats, pick up the nugget while you’re at it. At the end of a long windy cave, you’ll find your boy on a platform. Catch him (hopefully Mewtwo) and leave (or dig out).

Ho-oh or Lugia

Ho-oh and Lugia are located in the Unkown Cave.

Rocket of choice

These two are found in Unknown Cave or in more recent version, Final Dungeon. This one is special because you need to have beat the League to access it, the entrance is in Hayward city, but is blocked off until you do so. Once you enter the building, next to the Dept. Store, you are greeted with a gauntlet of trainers waiting to take you by the ankles. Once you enter Final Dungeon, you’ll have to fight through salty Rockets who have slightly better pokemon than their normal entourage. You’ll eventually get to a cave level, this is where you want to be. As you navigate the cave, head to the south east of this first level. There is another gauntlet of trainers in a maze to get through, navigate to the south east of this floor… again. In this room is a harmless Rocket with a regretful heart giving you a wonderful pokemon.


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