Pokemon Brown: Catch ’em All Guide

Pokemon Brown: Catch ’em All Guide

First thing of note is there are a total of 225 pokemon in Pokemon Brown. Sadly, you are only able to catch a total or 210 in a playthrough on your own. On your quest remember Rare Candies can be bought in the Dept. Store on the 5th floor.

Never Toss Items

These items are crucial for your catch ’em all, so don’t get rid of them. – Electrizer [Electivire] – Magmarizer [Magmortar] – Protector [Rhyperior] – Up-Grade [Porygon2] – Dubious Disk [Porygon-Z] – Metal Coat (Two of them) [Steelix and Scizor] – Razor Claw [Weavile] – Razor Fang [Gliscor] – Coronet Stone [Magnezone] – Dusk Stone (Two of them) [Honchcrow and Mismagius] – Trade Stone (Four of them) [Alakazam, Gengar, Machamp, and Golem] – Shiny Stone [Togekiss] – King’s Rock (Two of them) [Slowking and Politoed] – Dragon Scale [Kingdra] – Magic Wand [Sylveon] – Moon Stone [All normal Moon Stone evolvers]


Eevee has various forms, luckily it can be found in the wild in the cave on Route 52 or International Tunnel. The first three are obvious, grab yourself a Water Stone in Merson City, a Thunder Stone in Jaeru City, and a Fire Stone in Botan City. Thankfully, Pokemon Brown has other Eeveelutions you can grab and easier methods to get them. Leafeon comes from RINJI and special Eevee you trade a Gligar for in Botan City, just surf east from the city’s bridge until you find the secret house, Level up RINJI to do the deed. Sylveon, noted above, just needs a Magic Wand. Espeon and Glaceon can be obtained by leveling game corner prize Eevees, first and second respectively, Espeon can also be and Eevee from the Route 52 cave. Umbreon is from leveling an Eeve caught in International Tunnel.

Starter Limits and Others

Remember, just like in Pokemon Red or any other game, your starter choice limits your obtainable pokemon you can get on your own. This will eliminate six of the possible unobtainables already. Clefable, Wigglytuff, Nidoqueen and Nidoking all share one total available Moon Stone, this means you can only get one of them. Mankey and Mr. Mime or just plain out not available.

Legendaries are on an either or basis. It isn’t exactly clear how each is chosen. – Zapdos or Raikou – Moltres or Entei – Articuno or Suicune – Mew or Mewtwo – Lugia or Ho-oh

You can refer to a ver broken english overview of what is available via the RetroAchievements guide.


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