Pokemon Brown: A Small Walkthrough Guide

Pokemon Brown: A Small Walkthrough Guide

This is mostly a guide to try and help you avoid any hiccups along your journey. I want to avoid spoilers and exact instructions, so it will mostly be pointers. A lot of things among pokemon games is straight forward if you explore and talk to NPCs.

Bikes and Navigation

Your bike voucher is gonna be found in Merson City, if you have played Generation 1, then you know the place you are looking for and the guy. You hold onto that until you hit Jaeru City to pick up the Bike, be sure to pick it up, you’ll definitely need it. If you don’t have it in the right time, you’ll wish you did.

Jaeru city as shown on the map.

“Jaeru’s Location in the world”

You need the town map to see where you are at, it’ll help you navigate you way around a bit easier. It can be picked up in Hayward City, so it will be a couple steps out of the normal way. So, until you grab it, you can check the maps on various people’s walls. Although, I still got lost later in the game even with the map, but that’s where talking and exploring come in.

Miscellaneous Items

If you are like me, you proably grabbed Porygon for your party. If you did, be aware that Porygon has Abnormal as a type, which is weak to Normal Type. Imagine my shock to find porygon take heavy hits when I went to the Normal-Type Gym. Typing in this game is gonna catch you by suprise, period, though.

Porygon's pokedex entry including its new abnormal pokemon type.

“Porygon has new typing”

You’ll hit certain Marts that sell drinks, getting a Beer Keg to share will help you progress easier. It’s not just for healing your pokemon.

Hayward city as shown on the map.

“You’ll find the Dept. Store here”

I hope it helps. If you want a full walkthrough that tells you each bit the romhack has a fan wiki.


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