Pokemon Brown, A Review

Pokemon Brown, A Review

Pokemon Brown was Koolboyman’s first romhack that got big. The hack has no site, just a fan wiki. Based on Pokemon Red, it came out and was developed in a time when romhacking relied on tools that directly changed the rom itself rather than needing to be compiled for source code like today. It was a romhack that introduced a new region, something seldom seen during the time with the toolset available. Early versions were just the Region of Rijon, dialogue changes, and story changes. Later versions gained running and more later generation pokemon, new pokemon types, moves and items.

Seashore city as seen on the map.

“The Region of Rijon”

Now, my completed playthrough happened in the 2014 version, I have played earlier version of it, though. One thing you will notice in Brown is you don’t play the silent protagonist, it is strange at first, but soon becomes overlooked. It adds another flavor to the game, along with the cursing.

I found it a great experience to be able to see what could really be done in spite of the limits of the tools. It did seem to have a couple hiccups with the way I played and I got lost a number of times, but that is a part of the experience. I was able to play it on a really gameboy thanks to modern flash cartridges, so it was something I fell asleep to a number of times. If you can I would recommend picking one up so you can have a real experience with it, the cartridge I got only costs about $30.


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