Do Not Feed the Monkeys Review

Do Not Feed the Monkeys  Review

(Or: Find Out What Happens When You Feed the Monkeys)

Platforms: Windows, Mac Os X, Linux and (soon to be on) Switch

Genre: Surveillance Simulation

Mode: Single-player

When Did Do Not Feed the Monkeys Come Out?

Developed by the Spanish company Fictiorama Studios, Do Not Feed the Monkeys came out on October 24, 2018. The company is also responsible for delivering Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today to our gaming platforms. 

What Is Do Not Feed the Monkeys About?

Have you ever wondered what your neighbor does at night? How about that Very Important Lawyer you see in your morning coffee run? Well, wonder no more, because Do Not Feed the Monkeys is here to scratch that voyeuristic itch. Don’t you think that a game about people watching can be thrilling? How about you add a limo driver to the stars who moonlights as a photographer of his oblivious clients or a sneaky man who has swapped a priceless sculpture in a famous national museum?

Described by the developers as “a voyeuristic digital simulator”, you are working shitty jobs with very low wages to make room for your passion: watching people. How did you get there, though? You have the privilege of people watching (or monkey watching) thanks to the secretive organization The Cage of the Great Primate. There are three rules: Do not discuss this club, do not uninstall the surveillance app and do not feed the monkeys. Do not interact with the observed. Do not meddle with a janitor trapped in an elevator (who no one else can see) or tell the famous clients of a certain limo driver that they’re selling millions without their consent. 

Your computer desktop in Do Not Feed The Monkeys.

Privacy is “something that the monkeys think they have” and power is something that you, the player, definitely have. There are many endings, so, as a lot of us indie gamers like from our games, there is a very high replay value (you can unlock different cameras on different gameplays). You can purchase night vision and investigate your subjects, who by the way, are from all over the world. You can insert yourself in any narrative but of course, you need to survive. Between your nosey neighbors, rent, having to eat and sleep, you need to make the necessary choices to go on. And keep watching. 

Is Do Not Feed the Monkeys Worth It?

Nominated for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2019 Independent Games Festival, the game is gaining traction and it absolutely deserves it. 

For 6.96$ dollars you can get hours and hours of fun. Get it on steam, if having fun is, you know, something you like to do. Or preorder the collector’s edition for Switch.


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