D&D 5e Blood Hunter Class Guide

D&D 5e Blood Hunter Class Guide

What are Blood Hunters?

The Blood Hunter class in 5e was created by Matt Mercer, voice actor by profession and star of the hit Youtube series Critical Role. If you haven’t heard of him, well, now you have. Since the Blood Hunter isn’t part of the core class ensemble featured in the Player’s Handbook, I’ll spend a little more time on the overview than usual.

On a foundational level, Blood Hunters share much in common with Fighters. What sets them apart is their use of blood magic, known in 5e as hemocraft. After undergoing a dangerous, blood-altering ritual known as the Hunter’s Bane, Blood Hunters are infused with the power to control and shape hemocraft magic. They use their abilities to track and hunt monsters, demons, and other nefarious creatures of the night. 

Popular Blood Hunter Builds

As martial warriors, Blood Hunters rely heavily on their combat abilities and their tenacity in the face of a good beating, and rely on their Constitution score more even than other martial classes. In case it wasn’t clear, hemocraft pretty much means superpowers by way of self-inflicted lacerations, so it’s a good idea for any Blood Hunter to have in reserve as many hit points as is feasible.

Goliaths and Half-Orcs, with their inherent bonuses to Strength and Constitution, are particularly well-suited to the Blood Hunter class. But you can’t go wrong with a Dwarf or a Genasi Blood Hunter, either. If you’re looking to build more of a finesse (Dexterity) character, Goblins with their +2 Dexterity, +1 Constitution aren’t a bad way to go, as aren’t Humans, Half-Elves, and Changelings. 

My favorite Blood Hunter Build

I’d normally consider pairing a race with a class out of purely comedic reasoning a decision on par with buying a book because I like the cover, but in the case of the Halfing Blood Hunter class combo, I am compelled to make an exception. The image of a Halfling warrior slicing open his arm to inflict arcane horror on his enemies is funny enough, but it gets even better when you apply the Order of the Lycan class feature. 

Human Blood Hunter in D&D 5e.

The Order of the Lycan class feature infuses the Blood Hunter with a smidgen of Lycanthropy, granting them the ability to transform into a hybrid werewolf. The image of a tiny wolf-man leaping up to tear the face off an Ogre is enough to make me call the Halfling Blood Hunter my favorite Blood Hunter build. 

I hope you enjoyed my Blood Hunter class guide! You can find more information about Blood Hunters on the D&D Beyond Website. If you don’t have access the Blood Hunter on the website, you can always check out this video breakdown: 

Also, in honor of Mr. Mercer, here is the link to the first episode of Critical Role, for your viewing pleasure:


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