A Pokemon Prism Gym Extra Badges Guide

A Pokemon Prism Gym Extra Badges Guide

These last few badges seem to hint at a couple of things. First is the potential plans for more regions once more space is created, but also the fact that post-earthquake Johto could be one of those revisited regions. Tunod from Pokemon Glazed is the other another region is this final jaunt. Finally, we have my personal favorite, Kanto which only has Saffron.

Johto Badges

Goldenrod city as seen on the map.

So, Johto is pretty simple to get to, it’s exactly the same way you go in Brown. To the west of Owsauri is a path that goes to Cycling road and then north into Johto. You get into Route 47 and can go to either Azalea or Goldenrod. Both have badges for you to get, but no going further because of the earthquake. Bugsy and Whitney both offer a nice challenge, their badges also make a nice decoration to you badge screen, too.

Kanto Badge

Saffron is just a short run. You only need to go for a couple things, Silph Co. does have Blue, the Dojo does give you a small prize, but Copycat isn’t even at home. Worry not though, Blue gives you the secret to growing Master Balls. Oh, and Psychic guy is still around in his same house, since generation one.

Tunod Badge

Southerly city as seen on the map.

Finally, Tunod is a bit of an interesting place to get into. That guy in Magikarp Cavern that blocks your way saying some crap about not being strong enough is finally gone. You just head north and follow the surf path once you get past the tileset change, right outside the cave. You’ll eventually come to a shore once you pass all the trainers in you way. Just north of you arrival is Southerly City, all the buildings look the same, but some of them have signs. You’ll find the gym eventually, just knock this one out and go find the Pokecenter. The sign to the west of the Pokecenter is special, it is part of Bill’s Teleportation System, a special feature of Pokemon Glazed, and teleports you back to Laurel City in Naljo. When you get back to Naljo, you can just use the sign right next to Laurel’s Pokecenter to return to Southerly.

These last few are a touch easier to elaborate on in a shorter format. They are a bit of a grab bag, but it was nice to get to see Kanto in a romhack like this. I’ll eventually go deeper into Tunod when I play Pokemon Glazed. I might do Pokemon Brown, as well. Go pick Pokemon Prism up at the website  or you can join the discord too.


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